Built to beat the rock

The low fuel SmartROC CL is one of the most powerful and resourceful surface drill rigs we’ve ever built. Equipped with the hard-wearing COP 5060 CR, your SmartROC CL will productively see you through, hour upon hour, day after day, in any conditions.

The SmartROC CL is expertly designed to give you what you're really drilling for – higher productivity and profitability.


Safer, faster remote drilling

Safety is always a top concern, so rely on BenchREMOTE technology to capably operate your SmartROC CL from a remote location, away from falling rocks and other hazards on site. The BenchREMOTE option allows the rig to be to be remotely operated from a distance of up to 100 meters.

A smart rig, a smart investment

The SmartROC CL is enhanced with COPROD technology to more effectively get you through any type of rock with control and accuracy. Combining the best techniques used in tophammer and down-the-hole drilling for power and precision, the COPROD method eliminates jams and results in an exceptionally high penetration rate, getting the job done faster and requiring less fuel than a traditional DTH drill rig.

Stay in prime condition

Keep your SmartROC CL in tip-top condition and your productivity at its highest with an economical service plan from Atlas Copco. Your SmartROC CL comes equipped with Certiq possibilities, a telematics system that gives you remote web access to real-time data regarding your rig and its performance. Generate custom reports at regular intervals and receive immediate notification if a suspected problem should arise.

Engineered for lowest possible
total cost of ownership

Atlas Copco automation and cutting edge technology are having as positive impact on mining operations everywhere, and the SmartROC CL is no different. The SmartROC CL ensures an exceptionally low total cost of ownership thanks to its high penetration rate and low fuel consumption.


Premium parts and
professional service

Even the best equipment requires regular service to ensure optimal performance. Atlas Copco provides service solutions to safeguard an optimized relationship between productivity, availability and operational cost. Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique has over 3 300 technicians located in over 80 countries. By combining the usage of Atlas Copco genuine parts with service provided by a certified Atlas Copco technician, you’ll have a winning combination no matter of where in the world you operate.

Built to beat the rock

This is not a drill rig, this is a path for the few. This is more than technology, this is a reminder of everyone that have come before us. This is not just engineering, this is skill and passion. This is not about competition, this is about unity. This is more than a drill rig. This is a thank-you note.

SmartROC CL – The most efficient surface drill rig we've ever built.